Far and Sure Golf Tours
Far and Sure Golf Tours
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Getting Started

What to Think About

The Trip

Do you know your dates and length of stay? How many people will be in your trip? Have the people in your trip been identified? Which regions would you like to visit during your stay?

The Golf

What type of courses would you like to play? Are there any specific courses you must play? Are you looking to see only championship courses, or open to hidden gems? How many rounds would you like to play? Are you open to playing multiple 36 hole days?

The Stay

What type of hotels would you like to stay in? 4-5 star? Bed and Breakfasts? Would you prefer single or double occupancy (knowing this before booking is imperative)?


What expectations do you have for getting around? Would you prefer to drive yourself, or have a hired driver?

Off the Course

Do you have any interest in sites/activities off the golf course? Whisky distilleries? History, Sightseeing, Photography?


What is your expectation for dining? Decide as you go? Make reservations? Pub food? High end restaurants?

Let’s Talk About Your Trip

A discussion with Far and Sure is obligation-free. We’ll provide you information on the cost of your trip and other key details to help you make a decision about the journey.

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