Far and Sure Golf Tours
Far and Sure Golf Tours
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What We Do

Golf. Lodging. Transportation. Culture.

How We Help Our Clients

We provide our clients with turnkey golf trips. We handle tee times, lodging, transportation, and offer tips to maximize the experience. Clients book their flights and arrive for the trip of a lifetime.

At Far and Sure, we can say we’ve done it. We have taken golf trips abroad for over 10 years. Heck, one of us lived in St. Andrews for four years. From a golf perspective, many people are aware of the famous courses, but we provide value in knowing the often overlooked hidden gems. For lodging, we have experience in five-star hotels, as well as family run bed and breakfasts, and rentals. We’ve rented our own cars and traveled in luxury coaches — we know when to use each option.

Our process is succinct:

- Client fact finding — dates, players, courses you’d like to see most, lodging preferences, and non-golf areas of interest

- We present clients with proposed itinerary

- Secure tee times, lodging, and transportation 6-12 months in advance

- Offer food and beverage recommendations, non-golf activities, and more to prepare you for your golf adventure


‘Far and Sure’ Origins

The motto “Far and Sure” dates back to 1681 in a match between James, Duke of York, and two Englishmen noblemen. The two noblemen insisted that the game of golf was of English descent, while the Duke argued the game originated in Scotland. Challenged, the Duke accepted a foursomes match to take place and settle the debate. The Duke sought on James Patersone, a common shoemaker to be his partner.

With a large sum of money at stake, the match at Leith Links was won by the Scotsmen. With his share, Patersone purchased a home at 77 Canongate. Over the front door was the Patersone coat of arms with the motto, “Far and Sure” inscribed.

Our Thoughts on Golf Travel

When we go abroad, we build our trips primarily around the golf courses. We believe the courses lesser known to the general public provide even more value than those of widespread notoriety. The road less traveled is our path most often taken. We don’t believe you should squeeze in 36 holes everyday, but if you want to, we won’t stop you.

We believe in minimizing your time on the road. If you travel to another country, not all your time off the course should be in a car or a bed. You have to take in the culture. Traveling abroad is a daunting, but unforgettable, experience. Let us know what you’d like to do, we’ll fill in the gaps, and you enjoy the pints after the round.

We believe in a long lasting relationship, built on trust, value, and most importantly, strong communication.